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  • For the third year, the International Festival of Mind and Doris Championship, a competition of creativity featuring our Doris puzzle, took place in high schools in a growing number of countries. Beginning on October 18, 2012, in the city of Kikinda, home of two previous winners, and organized by Zdravko Zivkovic, the creator of Doris, the competitions ran for nine months, with the finalists selected by an international jury of 12 judges, among them Dr. Andy Liu from Canada and Kate Jones from U.S.A. Final awards were presented at the end of June 2013.

    There were a huge number of artistic and original.figures this year, making choosing the best among 60 semifinalists very difficult. See a beautiful video of highlights on YouTube.

    From Zdravko Zivkovic's report:

    During the 9 months of competition, 1,000 students from secondary schools in 5 regions and 5 countries participated:
    • Vojvodina (Republic of Serbia)
    • Timis County (Republic of Romania)
    • Csongrád County (Republic of Hungary)
    • Bratislava Region (Slovak Republic) and
    • County of Istria (Republic of Croatia)
    They demonstrated their exceptional creative abilities and made around 4500 original figures, of which 60 entered the Grand Final. All selected works are fantastic and show that "imagination can do anything" and that the sky is the limit when the imagination is awakened and the creative magic is set free.

    Students finalists have hidden talents that will, someday, with enough self-confidence and determination to overcome obstacles, be generators of fresh ideas and innovators of new products and services. Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge" because it leads to the future.

    Imagination is to create new ideas, and the knowledge to implement them. The Festival aims to help students acquire and strengthen confidence and encourage them to believe in their abilities and persuade others to accept their ideas for a better future for mankind.

    All 60 finalists were extremely satisfied and happy to have qualified for the finals, even if they were not among the first three places. They experienced the results as an incentive next time to be better at expressing their ideas. All of them received a prize and went home happy and with beautiful memories.

    The finalists

    The absolute winner of the 2013 Festival of Mind was Lucia Scur, Gymnasium Pula, Republic of Croatia, for her "Goldfish" design:

    Lucia Scur receives her first-place award at the Grand Final ceremonies in the Vojvodina Parliament. In background, Zdravko Zivkovic is second from left.

    Lucia was presented with her first-place winning deluxe Doris award from Kadon, made in her selected colors:

    Second place went to Michel Komjati, Polytechnic school of Subotica, Serbia, for his "Volleyball Player" design:

    The third-place winner was Petar Gnjidic, Gymnasium Stara Pazova, Serbia, for his "Dolphin" design:

    The award ceremonies for the 2013 Festival of Mind took place in the stately Parliament building of Vojvodina, Serbia:

    Press coverage

    News about the Doris Championships were reported in regional publications, local TV stations and on the National network. Most of the texts are in Croatian or Serbian, but you can enjoy the pictures and possibly have your translation program convert the write-ups into readable English.

    Zdravko's very first exhibition of his puzzles was held in the Novi Sad Downtown, showing all his works since 2001. Here is a link to media coverage about it:

  • TV Channel 9, Novi Sad

    Serbia's National Television program— On November 24, 2012, Zdravko appeared on Sarenica, the most popular TV show in Serbia, broadcast every weekend on the National Television of Serbia with a huge number of spectators (25% of whole population of Serbia). He presented the 3rd Festival of Mind, accompanied by 15 current participants of the Festival. He tells us that everyone in the studio was enchanted by Doris and tried to make some figures... Great success!

    Zdravko will be a guest again next year before the Grand Finals of the Fourth Festival of Mind to update viewers about the Festival and its events, with even more and better figures and 50 finalists.



    Scenes from the competitions

    The semifinalist designs:

    See a lively animated slide show of the 2013 finalist designs on YouTube.

    Our congratulations to all, and to the dedicated organizers who brought such mind-stretching challenges to students in five countries. Kadon is proud to support these championships and to make beautiful sets of Doris for the whole world and as awards to the top winners.

    The Fourth Festival of Mind, which started on September 27, 2013, was held in 11 countries and regions, including Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Italy and Austria.

    The sponsor of the Festival of Mind, the government of Vojvodina, has produced 1000 sets of Doris in a nice cardboard version, dedicated only for use in the competitions, not for commercial distribution. You can see their sets in some of the competition photos. Here's the handsome box design:

    Of course, you can order your own beautiful Doris set from us anytime, in your preferred colors. Just click any of the links below.

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