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DORISTM ...invented by Zdravko Zivkovic,
developed with Toby Gottfried and Kate Jones

Best puzzle on
Games 100 list, 2009

This totally amazing set of 24 octagonal tiles with all combinations of 3 colors on their edges has millions of solutions! Or only 2, or 8, depending on what you attempt. Notice how the centers are sometimes squares, sometimes diamonds. Such mixed solutions are much more challenging. Here is a beautiful one with all diamonds, plus some mixed combos from the book. Many ways to match edges: single edges, double-color edges, hybrids, even corners. A huge repertoire of cool figures will keep you enthralled, plus rules for two games of space ships on rescue missions — Space TowTM and Space CrossingTM — played on a 3-part sectional engraved vinyl game grid. All acrylic tiles, hand-inlaid in your choice of colors, in white or black 14" frame. Display stand and felt slipcase included. For 1 and 2 players, ages 8 to adult.$135

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See also MiniMatch
as an Origami design
MINIMATCHTM   ...by Kate Jones

This little brother to Multimatch II has just 9 corner-colored square tiles, each different. Surprisingly, the four colors are unequally distributed. This oddity allows successful solutions for both matching (just 2 solutions) and non-matching challenges (hundreds of solutions) of the 3x3 array and many other figures outside the tray. In the non-matching design at left, each color has diagonal symmetry (tilt your head to the left to see). Many such neat and tricky patterns are possible. The booklet lists an unsolved challenge of forming 16 dominoes...that solution has now been found! In 5" acrylic tray. Color mix may vary. For 1 player, ages 8 to adult. $35

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FOUR ON A MATCHTM  ...by Kate Jones

This very attractive filigree form of MiniMatch is even solvable by touch alone. Between matching and non-matching of the cut-out shapes, it offers plenty of easy and hard challenges. Six tiles have four different cut-outs, each in a different order. Three tiles have a duplicate shape in opposite corners. One of the four shapes has no duplicate, and therein lies the befuddlement. 5" acrylic tray. For 1 or 2 players, ages 8 to adult, though younger kids enjoy just improvising with the pretty tiles. $21

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BOATSTM ...invented by Michael Roberts, developed by Kate Jones

On Games 100 list for 2004, runner-up in Puzzles category. This enchanting set was designed and developed entirely by trans-Atlantic email between Mike Roberts and Kate Jones. The ideas and messages grew and flew feverishly for months, and at last we stopped at 101 beautiful and challenging figures formed by matching the boat-shaped tiles by color. The 36 tiles comprise all the ways 6 colors can be paired. Here's a sample tile. They're so nice to handle, all smooth and hand-inlaid acrylic in rainbow color mix. The 13 islands in the 11" tray are fixed in place. Outside the tray 100 other exquisite lattices await. Several competitive games are included. With display stand. For 1 to 4 players, ages 8 to adult.$85

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BOWTIESTM ...invented by Kate Jones

The 10 cross-shaped tiles comprise all the ways 5 colors can be paired in bowtie fashion. Here's a sample tile. The booklet offers 96 pretty figures to solve with unusual connections: edge to edge colormatch in an open lattice, pairs of edges matched in close formation, and non-matches. This set is great at letting you form symmetries. Includes the two-player game, Double Knot. In neat square-bottom drawstring pouch. For 1 or 2 players, ages 8 to adult.$29

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...developed by Zdravko Zivkovic

Expanding the little Bowties set above to a full four-color ensemble, excluding those with adjacent same-color arms, gives us a soul-satisfying 24 unique tiles. Here are a couple of sample tiles. The booklet offers hundreds of fabulous figures to solve with unusual connections: edge to edge colormatching in an open lattice, pairs of edges matched in close formation, corner-to-corner, tip-to-tip, and non-matches. Improvise your own gorgeous variations, too. Inexhaustible fun, plus four strategic games. All-acrylic, in 11x11" tray, with display stand and felt slipcase. Choice of colors with elegant frosted mixes. For 1 to 4 players, ages 10 to adult.$95

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...created by Sjaak Griffioen, developed by Kate Jones

Sjaak designed these originally as a set of 12 jumbo-size wood coasters. The "coasters" were all symmetrical, all different permutations of curvy peaks on the outside or inside of a hexagon's edges. To make it a complete set, we added one more shape — the only non-symmetrical tile — and gave it its own color among the other three glowing transparent autumn hues. All acrylic, with display stand. The lovely 3-fold symmetry of the 11" tray was solved by Sjaak. Many other figures and color patterns make this a joyful puzzle to explore, a beautiful challenge for 1 or more players, ages 10 to adult. $65

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MemorIQ the Movie on YouTube: a symphony of colors,
shapes, sounds, motion, and magical transformations

...invented by
Zdravko Zivkovic,
styled by Kate Jones

On Games 100 list for 2012, reviewed in Games October 2011. In the spirit of his award-winning Doris set, we joyfully present Zdravko's MemorIQ (sounds like "Memory Cue"), 24 hexagons hand-inlaid with three squat pentagons in every combination of 4 colors (sample tile at right). Match them on single edges, double-color edges, or even hybrids (single to double) to form a huge collection of imaginative free-form figures plus gorgeous color patterns. Pure art! All acrylic, in 11" tray with 7 islands in two styles: bright colors in white tray or frosted colors in black tray. Letter tiles reverse to blanks. Display stand included. For 1 or more players, ages 12 to adult. $85

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