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  • For the fourth year, the International Festival of Mind and Doris Championship, a competition of creativity featuring our Doris puzzle, took place in high schools in 8 European countries: Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

    Beginning in October 2013, and organized by Zdravko Zivkovic, the creator of Doris, the competitions ran for nine months, with the finalists selected by an international jury of 12 judges, among them Dr. Andy Liu from Canada, Toby Gottfried and Kate Jones from U.S.A., and Teja Krasek, an artist from Slovenia.

    Grand Final awards were presented on June 14, 2014, in the Parliament of Vojvodina, Serbia (above). Here are the top three winners:

  • First place: Maja Gubic from Serbia and her Eiffel Tower design:


  • Second place: Predrag Svilenkovic from Serbia and his Map of Italy:


  • Third place: Dorina Kiss from Hungary and her Horse:


    There were a huge number of beautiful and original.figures again this year, making choosing the best among 70 semifinalists very difficult. Here are their designs:

  • You can also watch them in greater detail as a slideshow on YouTube.

    Zdravko Zivkovic reports that all participants were very satisfied and all schools are ready to continue the competitions. They experienced the results as an incentive next time to be even better at expressing their ideas. All of them received a prize and went home happy and with beautiful memories.


    Press coverage

    A report about the final ceremony of the Festival of Mind in the Parliament of Vojvodina is published on the website of the Government of Vojvodina. It is in Serbian, so you may want to use a translator program: 2014 Festival of Mind. See also the Photo Gallery.

    There is a great collection of photos on Zdravko's Facebook page dedicated to the Doris Festival of Mind, like this picture of the 2014 champion, Maja Gubic, holding her deluxe Doris set awarded by Kadon.

    The album also includes photos of Zdravko's two daughters, Isidora and Teodora. Did you know they each contributed part of the DORIS name?


    Our congratulations to all, and to the dedicated organizers who brought such mind-stretching challenges to students in eight countries. Kadon is proud to support these championships and to make beautiful sets of Doris for the whole world and as awards to the top winners.

    The sponsor of the Festival of Mind, the government of Vojvodina, has produced 1000 sets of Doris in a nice cardboard version, dedicated only for use in the competitions, not for commercial distribution. You can see their sets in some of the competition photos. Here's the handsome box design:

    Of course, you can order your own beautiful Doris set from us anytime, in your preferred colors. Just click any of the links below.

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