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These are gamepuzzle sets containing all the possible shapes
of one or more of the same fundamental building block,
such as equilateral triangle, square, hexagon,
circle, rhombus, and more.
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Mini-IAMOND RINGTM   designed by Kate Jones

Nine easy pieces—shapes made of 2, 3, 4 and 5 equilateral triangles joined—fill the encircled pattern and form a large variety of shapes outside the ring, too. For the toughest challenge, have no two of the same color share sides. A computer search by Bill Cutler proved only 2 solutions meet this condition—out of the 15,140 different ways to fill the circle! We had posed this question as a contest for the International Puzzle Party in 1997, and Bill's findings won the prize. All acrylic, five-color mix in a 5" tray. For 1 or 2 players, ages 6 to adult. $29

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Memory game
Hexiamond Zoo
IAMOND HEXTM   designed by Kate Jones

Very difficult! Twelve pieces made of 6 equilateral triangles joined ("hexiamonds") fill the circle and can make hundreds of other symmetrical shapes outside the tray, too. This pattern can exactly fill the center hole of the Octiamond Ring below (thanks to Ed Pegg, Jr. for pointing this out to us). Toughest challenge:  have all pieces of the same color connected, or separated. Aad van de Wetering proved by computer that each of these conditions has only one solution — out of the 55 possible ways to fill the 5" tray. Other challenges involve making 2 and 3 congruent shapes, symmetrical figures, tall towers and more. George Sicherman found 131 triplets by computer and five gorgeous yin-yang diamonds. Here's a solution done in needlepoint. If you purchased this puzzle before July 2013, email us for its printed booklet or see it here. All acrylic. Colors may vary. For 1 to 4 players, ages 12-adult. $29

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Shapes of equilateral triangles joined are known as "polyiamonds." Iamond Ring contains all the shapes from 1 through 7 unit triangles in size, each size in its own Lucite or translucent color, in an acrylic hex-ring tray, 8" square. Seven color choices of the major color region; the mix may vary. The booklet provides a fine repertoire of forms and themes. See some beautiful solutions. For 1 to 4 players, recommended ages 12 to adult. $65

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Click for image of OCTIAMOND STACK.

Imagine it and build it—with unique 5-piece HANDY-OCTS


The 66 different shapes of 8 equilateral triangles joined ("octiamonds") fill a large hexagon with symmetrical center space. This elegant solution is by Andrew Clarke. We make these in transparent tinted acrylics in 13" black trays with reversible lids. They're sized to the regular Iamond Ring so you can explore combining them. The center gets filled with the 12 hexiamonds in clear, white or black, for a nested challenge. For only the most profound pursuers of pulchritudinous perplexities. $225

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Special edition, limited quantities!
OCTIAMOND STACK — the 66 octiamonds in 6 stacked triangular trays, smaller scale, $55

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HEXNUTTM JR.   designed by Kate Jones

Shapes made of hexagons joined are known as "polyhexes." Hexnut Jr. is a small hex ring with all the shapes of one to four hexagons in size, plus a selected quartet of fives. Its booklet is full of variations and other puzzle shapes to solve. Symmetry shapes abound. Here's a group of tetrahex figures with symmetrical solutions done in needlepoint. The game for two players is unusual in that the two players pursue different objectives. All acrylic with 7" tray, in five color choices. Suggested for ages 8 to adult. $39

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