The Proof Pro:   Website Quality

Little things make all the difference
between ordinary and great

  If it were a fine automobile, you'd call it detailing.

  If it were gemstones, you'd call it polishing.

  If it were an orchestra, you'd call it flawlessly tuned.

Your Website represents you to all the world. It is you. If your Website is meant to be just a slapdash hang-out for you and your friends, read no further.

My services are offered only to those who care about the quality of their Web presence.

Whether to inform, persuade, attract business, celebrate your vision, or establish your reputation, your Website speaks volumes about you.

Visitors judge you by its appearance, contents, substance, and by their overall experience of moving about within the areas of your site.

Visitors read between the lines and intuit the quality of your work from the quality of your site. Careless mistakes, confusing connections, lack of clarity can all leave a lesser impression than your message deserves.

Maximize the positive effects of your message with a thorough deep-proofing of your site. My professional review will find mistakes the spellcheck misses; errors the link diagnostics overlook; and anomalies to which even the best design team can become oblivious.

We conduct our proofing through a wide range of equipment and platforms from which your site can be accessed. More important, we see and feel your site through the visitor's eyes and mind. Services include exhaustive analysis and corrections in these areas:

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax
  • Consistency of format, integrity of style
  • Clarity and logic, ease of navigation
  • Preservation of your personal voice
  • Stalking and apprehending the most elusive glitch

We do not take the place of your designers. We augment their talents and reinforce their effectiveness. We are the perfectionist's secret weapon, with a formidable repertoire of skills in editing, writing, graphic design, marketing, problem-solving, logistics and meta-thinking. We protect what you've invested in developing your site. And we provide continuing guardianship.

Rates are based on a radical formulation—results, not time. Sliding scale reflects nuisance factor of very messy sites.

Initial Site Review:
$75.00 per site, payable with order.

Per 800x600 screen:
$5.00 (waived if no errors found!)
$1.00 per error found, first 10 errors.
$2.00 per error thereafter.

Continuing Guardianship:
Review of any new material upon notification, at piecework rate without initial review fee, provided you've corrected errors reported.

Text Editing:
$2 per page, books and articles,
payable with order.

$0.10 per error found, first 5 errors per page.
$0.20 per error thereafter.
$2 page fee credited for error-free page.

Continuing Guardianship:
Review of any further changes upon notification, at piecework rate without initial review fee, provided you've corrected errors reported.

If your publishing approach is sincere and ethical and useful, and if you're serious about building a success and care enough to want your best representation, contact Kate. We'll notify you promptly whether your site or document is eligible and discuss with you any special needs. A work that has been Kate-proofed can count itself with confidence among the best — clean in every detail, polished, and flawlessly tuned.

Quality counts. It's the best value for your money.

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