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It's Kadon's 35th Anniversary!
We've been celebrating all year, starting with the big Party of the Century at Kadon headquarters. And there will be more hoopla along the way right through and into the new year. The standard bearer, as in years past, is our incredibly versatile Poly-5 puzzle in a jade-colored tray and with Lucite pieces surrounding the number 35. If you already own Poly-5, just request a free grid for this challenge.

Getting ready for our annual Florida tour!
We've got a full schedule of art shows for the winter, from January through April 2015. Check our show calendar, and stop by to see us if you're in the area. These are all outdoor shows—wish us good weather!

Here now! Blockout for Windows Phone

Paul Thomann in Switzerland has written a great new program to play classic Blockout on the new Windows Phone, versions 7.5 and up. Get your copy from the Windows store, Blockout for Windows Phone, under license from Kadon.

Celebration of Mind and Gardner Centennial

The last weekend of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, October 18-19, 2014, at our pavilion, Ye Olde Gamery, was one of hundreds of official Celebration of Mind events held world-wide honoring the 100th anniversary of the birthday of Martin Gardner, the beloved author of dozens of books of mathematical games and a special inspiration to Kadon. Here's the background story. We also created a special souvenir puzzle for the occasion that you're welcome to print out for yourself.


4th Annual Doris Festival of Mind —results
High school students in eight East European countries participated in this tournament of intelligence and creativity organized by Zdravko Zivkovic, inventor of Doris. Judged by an international panel of art, math and puzzle connoisseurs, the Doris Championship spanned the school year. The awards ceremony was held in the Parliament of Vojvodina, Serbia. The top winner, Maja Gubic, received a deluxe Doris set from Kadon. More...


Trio-in-a-TrayTiny Tans' 25th Anniversary
For their 25th anniversary, we put our three 4-piece mini-puzzles into a single tray, with lots of new challenges plus all the classic symmetries. They're tucked in together in a shiny silver frame, each in its own color. The Tantalizing T, Square and Fair, and U Can Do It, all collaborate in creating delightful new fancies. More....


New! RunnuRound and wrap-around
What are the chances that in rows of randomly scrambled ten numbers, a run of three will turn up, in forward or backward order? Or even wrapping around from one end of the row to the other? Find 'em fast, outguess other players. Suspense builds as tiles flip. Unique bidding feature for bonus points. More....


New! Brace deluxe wood gameboard
After 15 years, our fascinating strategy game, Brace, originally produced as a jazzy wallhanging tapestry, now has a wonderful new look as a large wooden board, beautifully finished, laser-engraved and handpainted. Matching wood cylinders serve for 5 different games for two players plus a variety of interesting solitaires. Invented by Alan Kross-Vinson and developed by Kate Jones, Brace was a Games 100 selection in 1998. More....


New! Chasing Squares virtuoso tiling puzzle
Looks so simple and innocent and pretty, yet from the mind of our friend Jerry Farrell, an extraordinary puzzle inventory, Chasing Squares becomes a never-ending joy and surprise. The underlying geometry recalls tangrams, and our own Tiny Tans and Triangoes—8 isosceles right triangles and 8 "sheds" form positive and negative squares, promotes ingenuity. More....

New! L-Sixteen, where the holes mean a lot
This little brother to our Fill-Agree uses L-tetrominoes with every combination of 0 to 4 holes.You wouldn't believe what they can do with patterns of holes. Easy to extremely hard challenges make this a nice sequel to our very popular Vee-21. More....


Hopscotch — our 2014 "Games 100" honoree!

Games Magazine, for over 30 years the most prestigious publication on games and puzzles, both hands-on and electronic, used to publish an annual Buyer's Guide to Games, including the editors' choices of the 100 best new games of the year. Hopscotch in the Puzzles category brings to 52 our historical record of this honor. It may also be the last one, since Games has now changed its format and discontinued the Buyers' Guide as of December 2014. We're sad... though we'll keep the special Games Magazine selects section in our website in perpetuity. It deserves bragging about.


11 Unexpected Parallels — a six-minute talk
At the recent 11th Gathering for Gardner, Kate Jones gave an illustrated talk in verse, covering 11 surprising analogies or contrasting concepts. You can see all of it here.


Silver Anniversaries!

We're celebrating these games on the 25th anniversary of their first publication. They have all been continuously in print, 1989-2014. See more of their stories in our historical notes, "Grand Visions", and watch for special features about them.

New solutions for Ten-Yen
See color groups of Ten-Yen completely enclosed by the other two colors, with shortest perimeter.     More...


New designs for Triangoes Jr.
See letters and numbers evoked with colors, a delightful new theme suggested by Meshele. We're still expanding this collection.     More...


New designs for MiniMatch
See 9 attractive new patterns with partial matching for this neat small puzzle with striking artistic effects: Match a doubled square in the center, and all non-matches along the border.     More...


New variations... Grand Bowties
We've added a special gallery page for this superbly versatile set... match colors in intricate ways—edge to edge, corner to corner, tip to tip, and now on half-edges, too. Take a look. They form the loveliest of patterns with shimmering frosted highlights. More...


New designs for Rombix Jr.
See a collection of cool new patterns created by a talented 8-year-old for this darling puzzle. There's no end to the pretty variations you can create with its versatile shapes.     More...


Gamepuzzles on Facebook!
Kadon has its own Facebook page for wider contact with our friends and fans. It's warm and fuzzy to see how many "likes" are coming our way. Have you "liked" us yet? Please do. And we're able to share things there that don't have a place in our formal website. Check in now and then to see what other folks say. Our thanks to Elijah Allen for launching the page and helping to administer it.

So come and talk to us there! The permanent link is on the homepage (look for the blue button). Any questions about our puzzles, praise and kudos are happily received. Join the conversation and look for special features from time to time. There will be no selling, only telling, in our Facebook lounge. For ordering please come to this main gamepuzzles site, where you'll find everything we make and an easy-to-use, secure shopping cart.

Now you can play The Game of Y free online
Thanks to Anand Babu Periasamy and his skillful programming, there is now a creative commons facility for playing this fine connection game online at the Hyperbotics site. Let us know how you like it! Then come back and order the beautiful deluxe wood set for hands-on enjoyment.

We have an applet to play Proteus!
A Proteus fan, Paul Nord, put his genius to work creating an app for your mobile devices so you can play our Proteus meta-game against a fairly smart computer. Get it now at the Apple store for under a dollar:   Michael Waitsman's Proteus — then enjoy this superb strategy game even when you don't have a worthy human opponent available. Paul's program looks beautiful and works great.

Pentacube Videos on YouTube!
Our friend and fellow polyomino lover, Donald Kern, has created four delightful, and impressive, videos showing the "complete" set (35 one-sided pieces) of pentacubes forming amazing and difficult solutions by Don. You'll want to see these more than once:

Regular 5x5x7 Block
Two-Sided Staircase
Jagged-Edge Block
Chichen Itza Pyramid

Special edition... Octiamond Stack
We're offering a special and very limited edition of the 66 octiamonds, styled as 6 separate "petals" that stack, each in a little tray. Only while they last. And only for the hardiest puzzle lovers and collectors—this one's a doozy, even with millions of possibilities. More...


  Our flip catalog!
Now you can view our condensed 24-page print catalog with flippable pages or even as a slide show. The Flash program lets you zoom in, turn pages, and print out any page you like. Get an instant overview. Just click on the little cover page thumbnail at right. Or print out your own copy from our print catalog file (.pdf). For special categories, see the Search Us index.


Simply beautiful... Flashes of Life
We offer, as a small departure from physical puzzles, a book of breathtaking photography by Robert L. Steinberger, Ph.D., each image paired with a haiku by Kate Jones. Flashes of Life, The Flower Collection comprises over 100 pages of digital photography, poetic interpretations, and stories. It's the first in a series of volumes on different subjects by this great visionary whose legacy will live on in the "flashes of life" he captured during a lifetime of passionate photography. You can preview the whole book at the publisher's website, and you can also order it from us as a lifetime treasure, in the best archival quality and now also in a more moderately priced hardcover edition. More...


Other news:

A highly condensed printable catalog has been updated and is available online as three .pdf files. It has 24 standard pages plus an order form, in full color, although it works just fine printed in gray. Feel free to download as much of it as you want, and you're welcome to print it out for Web-deprived friends, too. This catalog can also be viewed online with flippable pages.

Our Hexdominoes set is now a registered trademark and has its own independent website and domain name, with additional materials not found in our main website, such as the entire rule book and actual-size grids to print out for use with special figures. We plan to offer new challenges there eventually and maybe even some play-online features. A new little logo for it is on the bottom of the homepage. And check out the awesome new designs we've found for this amazing set.


Old but still good news:

Check out unsolved tough challenges on the Contests page. Open to the world, with prizes to be won. Happy puzzling!

We own four additional, very cool domain aliases. Each is just a title page ("splash page") and links to the respective major sections of the official gamepuzzles website. Take a look; they're jazzy.

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Here's a recap of all the gamepuzzles added to our website recently and in the past year, in case you missed their first announcement.   ChooChooLoops .... A+D+D+D .... MemorIQ .... Hopscotch .... Fractured Fives .... Six Disks, Bears .... Tangramion .... Octiamond Stack .... Grand Bowties .... StarHex-II .... Chasing Squares .... L-Sixteen .... RunnuRound .... Trio in a Tray ....

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